Welcome to offers full featured virtual web hosting to a limited, select group of customers.

NetElan currently offers two web hosting plans, detailed below:

  Plan 1 Plan 2
Disk Space 500 MB 1000 MB
Transfer 4 GB 6 GB
PHP Yes Yes
MySQL/phpMyAdmin Yes Yes
Server Side Includes Yes Yes
WebDAV Access No Available
FTP Access Yes Yes
Anonymous FTP No Yes
POP & IMAP Yes Yes
Vacation Autoresponders Yes Yes
EMail Forwarding Yes Yes
Web E-Mail Client Yes Yes
SMTP Server Yes Yes
Majordomo Server Yes Yes
SSH Access Yes Yes
Development Access No Yes
Telnet Access No Available
Max Users 50 100
OpenSSL No Yes
Miva Merchant No Yes
Tomcat 4 No Yes
Domain Aliasing No Yes
Price $10/month ($100/year) $20/month ($200/year)